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History of the term Plural

"Plural" of course is an English word, but used as an identity

Crisses has September 12, 2000, from Arhuaine of Doltaghey House on the Elven-Realities email list, regarding the "otherkin code again":

"I'm leaning towards the idea of seperate lines, maybe including only those alters who are particularly active, to make it easier on the multi-super-plural people. I can handle three, but twenty-three would be silly. Who would bother to read that much code anyway?"

Would need to unzip email archives to go back further in my emails. Doltaghey House is one of the first people we heard use it (by memory) and they had the forum (announced July 9, 2003) then registered the domain and announced the registration to us on April 7, 2004. Crisses

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