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These are Otherkin lists. Otherkin are people who believe for any reason that they are not normal humans. Many think they are other races than human, some think they are from other worlds. All races and species are welcome: dragon, elf, nymph, satyr, dwarf, gnome, angel, demon, gryphon, sidhe, faerie, fae, merfolk, hobbit, therianthrope, vampire, furry, human, etc.

Otherkin is the second tier in a group of progressive lists, which includes NewKin and KinFrontiers. You're welcome to join any or all of them, as long as I know you're kin-friendly of some sort (either because you ARE kin and I know you from another list, or because you have written to me explaining who you are and why you'd like to be on my list/s).

This is a generic (no specialized content) mid-level otherkin list. Although questions won't be turned away, more basic or speicialized topics may, be directed at more basic or specific lists, so that the list can better serve the general otherkin community.

Judgements, cruelty, harrassing, flames, etc. will not be tolerated, however open constructive criticism is expected. This is an environment which encourages exploration of what it means to be an Otherkin, and encourages pushing the boundaries of being Otherkin.

List Owner: Arhuaine
Co-Moderators: Malcolm&, Crisses and Ahren-Meiarra

To tell me about yourself, see my email page.

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