TriState Otherkin List

This group is for TriState area (NY, NJ, CT) Otherkin and Otherkin from the surrounding areas. It will be used to talk about local concerns, meetings, gathers, classes, networking locally, setting up carpools to faraway places, help hunting for local places to live, and so on...if it has something to do with being an Otherkin in the TriState area (New Jersey, Connecticut, New York), it is on topic here. People interested in moving to or visiting the area are welcome as well.

Otherkin are people who feel, for whatever reasons, that they're not fully human. Satyrs, nymphs, unicorns, kirin, elementals, angelics, elves, dragons, fairies, weres, vampires, sympathetic or curious humans, etc. All are welcome. Please show respect for your fellow list-members. Thank you.

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