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These are Otherkin lists. Otherkin are people who believe for any reason that they are not normal humans. Many think they are other races than human, some think they are from other worlds. All races and species are welcome: dragon, elf, nymph, satyr, dwarf, gnome, angel, demon, gryphon, sidhe, faerie, fae, merfolk, hobbit, therianthrope, vampire, furry, human, etc.

KinGatheringForum is for discussions of any issues brought up in relation to Otherkin Gatherings and MiniMeets. For example: for discussion of classes, schedules, workshops, teachers, and other aspects of organizing and running meets, gathers and conventions.

If you're interested in being a panel member and having a voice for making suggestions to meet/gather organizers on things you'd like to see happen at meets and gatherings, this is the place for you. If you're organizing any meets or gathers, you should probably be on this list to hear people's suggestions and discuss new ideas for how to run/organize/schedule your event/s.

Judgements, cruelty, harrassing, flames, etc. will not be tolerated, however open constructive criticism is expected. This is an environment which encourages exploration of the myriad possibilities of Otherkin meeting face-to-face.

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