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This is a conversation about one of our long-time residents. She was first seen when we were 7 years old and she walked out on our abusive babysitter, first telling him off. She swept memories of abuse into a corner, perhaps into herself (i.e. she "black boxed it" per the conversation below), then went home, asked for our own key to the apartment, and changed our routine so that we were taking care of ourselves.

Rane: she's our black box....disguised in a white dress. :P
Chris: Ahhh. Sort of like a "black hole"? [no pun intended]
Rane: I don't know. I assume there's a key somewhere. not sure about black holes having keys.
"peanut gallery" of Crisses: {She sure has done a hell of a lot for a f--king black box :P gotten married, had several relationships, written some autobiographical stuff....deluxe AI black box?? Now what encryption scheme did we use?}
Chris: Hmm. Well. Sometimes black boxes are black "jack in the boxes".
Rane: I mean a black box like ones on airplanes.
Chris: Ahhhh... Okay. Right. Except she's the deluxe black box all right - she's a bit of a DJ and can edit the black box.
Rane: I doubt she edited it, but she did the initial encryption algorhythm. (don't ask how I spelled that. :P )
-- Rane of Crisses and persons of Chris& in conversation.

(more later)

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