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Hello. My name is Rory, and I am the current host as well as the main emotional/spiritual protector and gatekeeper of the system and its less emotionally well-off members. I use they/them pronouns, and somewhat identify with the body's age, but not fully, due to both being a non-human (dragon) alter and a walk-in. I mostly just consider myself biromantic demisexual, although my orientation is truly more complicated than that.

I became a member of this system when the body was 7, and I became host when it was 13 following some intense medical trauma. I've been the host for nearly all of the time since. I am the owner of the body's public identity, and was the main catalyst of our social transition to being seen as nonbinary and transgender that started in September of 2016 (although I have identified as nonbinary since long before then).

I knew about our system prior to "discovering" it again in July of 2016, however, I more or less rediscovered it at that point after repressing memories. Going after me for repressing it is going to do absolutely nothing, and I don't see why there would be any point in doing that.

Within the system (and to select others outside of the system), I am considered a spiritual authority of sorts, as one of our system's main patron deities has appointed me her Champion on this physical realm and associated astral/metaphysical ones. This doesn't mean that I'm a deity, merely that I am respected and occasionally titled by others in the system.

I am also an authority, although not explicitly a spiritual one, within New Gallifrey, which is a group that I am the president of that focuses on reconstruction of Gallifreyan culture. Prior to creating New Gallifrey, which I did in December of 2017, I was the president of the Gallifreyan Tradition Society, an organization with similar goals, since July of 2017. When I'm dedicated to something, I become very dedicated to it - likely a trait of our collective autism.

In addition to being a fictive walk-in, I am also other/fictionkin. Most relevantly, I'm kin with Rassilon from Doctor Who. Julesy New is my daughter, Narcissa New was close with me in that timeline, and Morgan of Pyralis Collective was my wife from that timeline. I am married to her again in-system currently, although in the physical world we are engaged.

My Spirituality New because it really needs its own page.

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