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James - the James from Harry's primary canon

Lily/Hedwig - Lily who is also from Harry's primary canon

Draco - Draco also from Harry's primary canon

Jessie - walk-in of Jessie from The Fairy Realm series

Aba - sister to Star and Sun, adoptive daughter to Katniss

James - Another James Potter. This one is only 17 years old.

Lily - walk-in of a canon-divergent female version of Harry Potter

Amber Black - from the aforementioned walk-in's canon

Tina - walk-in of Tina from a weird Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them canon similar to Julesy New's canon but not exactly the same.

Sarah - fae baby from the fae kingdom outside of our inner world, adopted by Alicia

Mrs. Granger - Hermione Granger's mother from Harry's primary canon

Mr. Granger - Hermione Granger's father from Harry's primary canon

Hagrid - Hagrid from Harry's primary canon

Little Delphi - an eight-year-old walk-in of Delphi Riddle/Slytherin.

Finn - the Finn from one of Rory New's canons.

Charles - the Charles from another one of Rory's canons.

Cass - the Cass from Claire's canon. Used to front, doesn't anymore.

Asherah - an aspect of the goddess Asherah who is here to comfort the smols.

Little Quinn - occasional visitor, calls Rory Daddy, from an Undertale universe.

Narcissa - Occasional visitor of a Narcissa Malfoy from some Harry Potter unvierse.

Barrett - A dragon from Deltora.

Many, many, pets and babies who haven't gained sentience yet.