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Hi! :D My name's Julesy (fae/faer pronouns, or she/her if you need an auxilliary set or don't understand how to use neopronouns), and I'm one of the pretty frequent fronters in the WITV System, and also a former host. I was the host from around June to August 2017, and prior to that, was also the host from around age 7 to age 13, when Rory New took over as system host. I've been in the system since we were probably 3 years old. Now I'm 16, and my birthday is July 17th. IDK what gender is, can I use it for an arts and crafts project?

I'm probably a walk-in. I've taken a lot of different identities as a member of this system, and been a part/the host of a subsystem, and currently am the host of a subsystem that consists of myself, Meredith and Raven. Previously, I went by Noelle, although that was mostly me being age-stuck at 8 years old due to trauma reasons. And then last fall we realized that my identity wasn't complete within the system due to metaphysical reasons - you know how the Doctor gets fobwatched in the Family of Blood and ends up acting a lot more human? I was fobwatched. Turns out I'm a soulbond (although I've had trauma splits because yikes, this body has gone through a lot of trauma) and I'm a soulbond of Julesy, the daughter of Rassilon and the Rani from a really really strange timeline of Doctor Who. That makes Morgan of the Pyralis Collective my mom! It also makes the Doctor my adoptive grandfather, because guess what - I was the daughter of the President who became Susan Foreman!

I'm married magically and in-system to Calista, also of the Pyralis Collective, and we have been since October of last year. I very recently had a beautiful baby boy in-system, who Calista and I have named Augustus Rigel! He's perfect and I love him. I'm also in a relationship with Maddy of my own system. I also have other kintypes! I've been around the multiverse a lot.

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