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There are social systems, computer systems, network systems, plumbing systems, and in the realm of psychology, there are multiple systems. One defining trait is that there is exchange, feedback, commerce, flow, interdependence, chains of cause and effect, etc. within all of these systems.

Multiples are incredibly complicated, and as in any external system, the internal system is interreliant and interconnected. No matter if you look at everyone as independent entities who all have external sources, there are still physical, chemical, reactions to thoughts and feelings that are going to be effecting the brain that everyone shares. No matter how high the boundaries are internally between the residents, information is shared on some level, even if it's repressed.

The food the bodily systems intake effect the mental systems. The drugs, the medications, the liquids, the air, etc. All of this affects the mental systems.

So the term "system" in multiplicity is used as a catchall for all mental entities and processes, fragments, people, guests, residents, walk-ins, internal landscapes, and perhaps even some of the spirit guides or protector spirits who are linked into the energetic and mental landscape framework of the multiple. At minimum, "the system" should be considered to be the entire whole of all residents, constructs, and fragments in the multiple's head.

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