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A little something about subjective realities...

This work is made by a lot of people who have an overlap in some portion of their belief systems, and you might not share it. So while our subjective realities align on this topic, yours might not.

How you choose to deal with it is up to you.

  • Read, learn, and maybe even understand how it makes sense for the people who believe it.
  • Remain closed-minded and do not even give our ideas any due consideration.
  • Get the heck off the site.
  • Open up even more, and maybe even come to see what we believe in may have validity.

The thoughts, paradigms, ideas and anecdotes contained on this site are likely to seem unusual, warped, and perhaps even downright insane. In spite of this, we ask that you please respect the fact that we believe that what we have to say is true. Many of us have had these beliefs for most of our lifetimes, and do not need anyone to try to convince us to change our entire belief system. For most of us, our beliefs do not impede our ability to cope with reality.

You might be offended by contents of this web site if you:

  • are closedminded (this counts as 3 strikes against you);
  • are a racist/humanocentric/(fill-in-the-blank)-ocentric;
  • do not believe in the supernatural in any way, shape, or form;
  • are a follower of certain popular and strict religions which exclude the possibility of anything outside the religion's existence;
  • do not believe in and respect a philosophy of subjective realities (what a person believes to be true is really true to him/her);
  • often feel the urge to argue someone into (supposedly) believing your own point of view.

If you have changed your mind about following any of these links, please press >back< several times on your browser!

We won't be held responsible for your discomfort. And if you want to flame us or send obnoxious emails to me due to my beliefs, please feel free to write, knowing full well that I reserve the right to flame and write obnoxious emails in return, and to report you to your ISP.

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