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Most of the time people regard multiplicity as a tragic result of something awful that happened to someone that veered them off the course of natural mental development. However, some people simply seem to have been "born multiple"; they may or may not have had trauma (most people in the world have experienced some measure of trauma, however small), but they have definite memories of their multiplicity before they believe any trauma had occured in their life.

There are various theoretical explanations for this:

  • Born that way -- Some people may simply be born with more than one mind.
  • Generative -- As females are born with the ability to give birth to more people, perhaps some minds have the ability to give birth to more minds.
  • Genetic predisposition -- Some doctors have speculated (no proof yet) on a genetic predisposition to dissociation, which is one way of becoming multiple. Perhaps there's a genetic predisposition to multiple identities forming in one mind?
  • Spiritual group entity -- A reincarnation model in which a group of spirits choose (or are forced) to be born in the same body
  • Channeling -- a child may have opened itself to or invited spirits who became residents very early on.
  • Learned multiplicity -- if your parent is a multiple, maybe you can learn how to be a multiple, too? The book Aristoi by Walter Jon Williams comes to mind. --B- of the Shards
  • Walk-in -- In walk-in theory, a spirit who wishes to live in a human body might choose an unoccupied body (near death) or one which is having extreme mind-body disconnection problems (dementia) for whatever reason. If walk-in theory is used to explain multiplicity, one would presume it was possible for more than one spirit to occupy the same body.

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