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At work - considerations and tips for the workplace

  1. Don't tell a group of people that you're a multiple unless you're really ready for the world to know. [We've been experimenting with this, and we're getting teased because our coworkers don't believe us, but that's far better than the entire company asking questions and teasing.]
  2. "Know thy self." Your reactions are going to vary depending on who you are or who wants to deal with what's in front of "you", and "you" as well as coworkers may be confused as to some of your behavior.
  3. "You are what you do." The people that are out, doing your job, are going to get more time being out than people who don't. Therefore it's best to have a kind of job that a number of you can deal with, or learn to deal with, so that others don't lose time.
  4. Enjoy what you do. If you do what you love you'll never work another day in your life. The chances of that happening suck, but that's not the point. :-P
  5. Please make the world a better place, 'cause it really needs it. Help people, and teach people how to teach people how to fish. Hey, he stole that from us! (XES)
  6. Organize! I don't know how other systems work, but if you have "memory holes" like us, leaving notes and having very specific appointment schedules written and generally having a place for everything and everything in its place (filing forms in clearly labeled folders that always go in a certain drawer for example) works wonders. That way, if memories get filed in the wrong place in the mind (so ya can't access them), they exist on paper or electronically. We've been keeping a daily logbook, with attempts to occasionally jot down the time (minimum is time we arrive at work, and time we leave). As for the rest of our job, we are in charge of creating documentation for our successors, so we are documenting things as we go along, printing the documentation and putting them into 4 looseleaf binders. We get to refer back to our own documentation constantly. Makes our job FAR more livable. (XES)

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